New Home Professionals understands and respects the time, investment, and risk that goes into building a new home community. For this reason, we focus exclusively on new home sales; providing immediate, reliable and professional staffing support. Since we opened in 1998, we have established a reputation for excellence from Northern California home builders.

With the home building market thriving, competition will increase for new home builders. That is why it is imperative to have only the best staff working in your communities. New Home Professionals will provide you with the well trained, professional agents who will take the time to educate themselves on your community and provide the best customer service to home buyers.

Contact New Home Professionals today and let us take away the time and stress of managing sales agents. You can feel confident that we have the appropriate systems in place to provide you with top quality sales agents to cover hours during vacations, illness and emergencies, maternity leave, special events, or high traffic days.

What can you expect when working with New Home Professionals?

  • Local, personalized service. No call center. No trouble tickets. Just a real person who will get to know you and your business. And with our low turnover rate, you won’t have to keep educating a new person.

  • Real industry experience. Our leadership team consists of real experts with decades of experience in the new homes sales industry. We take the time to train each new agent joining our team on the skills needed for new home sales, before sending them to your community.

  • A team that is dedicated to your success. Our office staff and licensed real estate agents work together with the goal of providing you a simple, streamlined staffing solution. We want to earn your repeat business and will work hard to support you in achieving your goals.

  • Measurable Improvements in Customer Service. When you place an order with New Home Professionals we send quality agents who have been trained in new home sales and will provide excellent service to your customers.

  • Consistent Improvement. New Home Professionals has over 99.8% satisfaction rating from our clients! After you have welcomed one of our agents to assist you in your community, we will send you a brief performance evaluation. We use these evaluations to consistently improve on the training and education of our agents.