Sales Manager are Raving About Our Agents!

In the past year we have been surveying our clients and we are proud to report that 97.5% of sales managers surveyed said they would gladly request their agent again!

Here are just a few quotes from sales managers:

"Binu saves my day - I am being constantly pulled in different directions all day and she provides me with breather room to hide away to get my work done or even grab a bite to eat. Thank you always, Binu!"

"Melba is a diamond in the rough, very helpful to me and the guests."

"Sophia is incredible. She is by far the best agent we have ever had. She not only masters the product knowledge at our community but anticipates what we need help with and does it without being asked. I can't thank her enough and rate her higher! :)"

"Awesome Job!!! Wonderful Representation of NHP. Thank you"

"Verna always goes over and above our expectations. She almost always gets a visitor card and asks great discovery questions to determine if we have a qualified buyer that is ready, willing, and able to buy. She is very knowledgeable about the area and our community and enthusiastically shares the amenities of the area and benefits of living in our community."

"We love Bert!"

"Lori is great! She is always friendly to us and our clients, creating a fun and positive atmosphere."

"Damien is very Professional and efficient. He is also good with Prospects."

"Irrum is proactive and a self starter - she is always looking to help! In a short time period, she has learned sales center operation quite well and is an integral part of team."

"Please have Nancy come to our community as much as possible"

"John did a fantastic job helping me with some urgent manners. He was professional, and knew when it was necessary to contact me for urgent matters. I would absolutely ask for Michael again. Thank you for your help John!"

"Dorothy is extremely professional. Learns from first time. Offers help all the time. She is an asset for you guys."