5 Reasons New Home Builders Benefit from Using Temporary Agents

If you are a New Home Builder and have been considering hiring a temporary Licensed Real Estate Agent to work in your communities, here are 5 reasons you will benefit from using temporary agents.

Immediate Coverage: When an agent calls in sick, plans a vacation, or needs extra support, simply make a phone call to New Home Professionals to place an order for a licensed real estate agent, trained in new home sales, to come work in your community that day. You won’t have to slow down if a member of your staff can’t make it to work, or you don’t have enough coverage for a busy weekend.

Stress Free Hiring: New Home Professionals can make the hiring process simple, and you can see if a potential employee is a good fit before you make a major hiring decision.  If he/she is a good fit, you can hire them full-time or just have them work through NHP, so you can avoid any extra liabilities or expenses.  We will work with you to customize a hiring solution that is right for your goals.

Save Money: Typically, for short-term projects, working with New Home Professionals is more cost effective than hiring on a new employee!  This is especially true if you only need additional help for a peak busy season or a large project. You can hire a temporary agent on an as-need basis at your convenience.  When the project is complete, your staffing need is satisfied with no further obligation.

Great for Special Events: If you have a one-time project or special event that requires extra support, hiring a temporary agent can be a huge help!  (Think grand openings, hosting model homes, community events etc.)  With our highly skilled agents, you will get the extra support you need right away.

The Possibilities Are Endless: Even if you had full intentions of just needing a couple days of extra coverage, some temporary agents will surprise you with their dedication and capability.  In this situation, you could end up with a wonderful addition to your team, even if you weren’t expecting it.

Give New Home Professionals the opportunity to support your new home communities!

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