Professional Dress in the Workplace

In New Home Sales, first impressions count. Professionals working for NHP are always required to wear business attire when they work in a new home community. What you look like, act like and say during those first crucial moments of meeting sales agents and prospective home buyers, will make a lasting impression.

As a general rule of thumb, don’t allow what you’re wearing to be a distraction from what you want to convey to prospects. In the new home sales industry, professional dress for men is jacket, dress shirt, and tie and dress slacks in understated and time-honored styles and neutral colors. For women, dress slacks or skirt with a nice blouse or a dress can be colorful, but “too revealing”, strap dresses or tops, or mini dresses/skirts are never appropriate. Just as you would not wear a business suit to a club, neither should you wear club attire to work. Visible tattoos and bright colored hair are not acceptable. Your best accessory is a big smile!

Plan your outfit each day

The decision of ‘what to wear’ should not be kept for the morning of work. Plan your outfit and have it laid out the night before. It will mean less stress in the morning!

Dress Smarter

In Real Estate, ‘Business Professional’ dress is the most appropriate. New Home Sales Agents and their staff are always interacting with clients, unlike other industries where a more casual dress code is allowed due to a more virtual relationship with clients. You can never be dressed too ‘corporate’ when you are working in a new home community.

For men:

Black/Grey suit
Business Shirt
Tie – keep it simple, with no pictures/words printed on it
Black/Brown dress shoes

For women:

Suit Skirt, Suit dress or Suit pants – nothing too short or hung low. Skirts should always at least reach your knees.
Business shirt or smart top – nothing low cut or with words printed on it.
If wearing a skirt – wear stockings
Smart, plain close-toed shoes under three inches’ height

Make sure everything is the right size! Don’t borrow your father’s suit or your little sister’s skirt. Remember that fitting clothes make you look disorganized.

Neatness is key

While yoga pants and uggs are in style, it won’t score you any points while working at a new home community – even if it took you hours to perfect your just-fallen-out-of-bed look. Everything about you must be neat and tidy in line with your clothing.


Hair must be clean and brushed
Longer hair to be pulled back
Face to be clean shaven
If you have a beard or moustache – trim it so it’s neat
Go easy on the hair product – just enough to keep your hair neat, not to make it a statue.


Hair must be clean and brushed
Longer hair must be back in a neat pony tail. Any pieces of hair that can’t be pulled back should be pinned back and hair sprayed
Make-up should be natural – leave the blue eyeshadow, falsies and bronzer for the weekend.
Nails should be clean – fresh clear nail polish preferred
For more information on dressing professionally and increasing your sales skills, visit the New Home Professionals blog and Career Advice page.