Pathways to Success Sales Training

At New Home Professionals, we encourage growth and training for all of our licensed real estate agents. That is why, in addition to bi-weekly training classes, we welcome guest speakers on our monthly webinars. Most recently our team received individualized and in depth training from Dr. John Musser of Enhanced Sales Potential, as part of our “Pathway to Sales Success” training series. Dr. John Musser holds both a master’s and doctoral degree in psychology, with specialized training and experience as a psychologist. With a background in psychology, testing, assessment, and training, Dr. Musser possesses the sensitivity and insight to assess the intangible yet complex forces in a sales agent that can empower them to enhance their careers.

Before the training class each agent was asked to complete a detailed questionnaire to help them identify their strengths and weaknesses. Dr. Musser reviewed each of these and independently evaluated our agents. The agents were given a detailed report that showed them exactly how their personality types are helping them succeed, as well as identifying the areas where they need to make strategic changes.

Below are some topics Dr. Musser asked our agents to reflect on, as well as tips to overcome challenges in these areas.

  • Motivation. How motivated are you? New Home Sales Agents need a lot of positive energy to get buyers excited about the community. Be sure to maintain a healthy life style, including adequate sleep, exercise, and healthy food.
  • Goal Level. Are you proactive in setting goals for yourself? Learn about the community you are selling in, follow up with buyers, set and commit to attainable weekly goals.
  • Goal Diffusion. Are you prioritizing your tasks? Follow through on the tasks that are set for you, and do not waste time on activities that will not bring in new sales.
  • Goal Allergic. Does having goals set for you cause anxiety? If your employer’s quota causes you too much anxiety, learn to relax and set your own goals that will exceed your employer’s expectations.
  • Information Bridge. How much information and training do you need to start the sales process? Avoid becoming so consumed with understanding every detail that it prevents you from getting started. Also, do not let your wealth of knowledge prevent you from listening to a buyer’s needs.
  • Sales Role Support Requirements. How much help and support do you need? Focus on completing tasks as independently as possible, and only involve upper management when necessary.
  • Principles Based Exoneration. Are you reluctant to complete tasks you feel are unethical? When the answer is yes, consider the complete circumstances. Could it be your own sales reluctance? Sell on the positive aspects of the community first, and be honest with buyers at the appropriate time.

New Home Professionals is thankful to Dr. John Musser for his extremely informative and in-depth talk. ”I truly came out of this with a better understanding of what I need to work on to reach my career goals” said agent Terry Plunkett.

The next part of our Pathways to Sales Success series will take place August 16th. Contact us to register.

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